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Frankenmuth Woolen Mill
570 S. Main St
Frankenmuth, MI 48734

Telephone: 989-652-6050

Year Started: 1894

# American Employees: 40
  In 1894, sheep herding was an important local industry in mid-Michigan and the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill was built the mill to serve the local farmers. Around 1910 automatic knitting machines and other “modern” equipment were added. When the First World War broke out in Europe, the U.S. Government awarded the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill a contract for 66,000 pairs of socks for our doughboys. By this time, with 24 women and 5 men, the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill had the largest payroll in Frankenmuth. When WWI ended, the Mill began expanding its line of wool-filled comforters to replace the rapidly shrinking market for horse blankets and army socks. These comforters, highly prized by the local population for their natural warmth and quality, would continue to be the core of the business for the next eighty years. In 1977, the McClellan Family purchased the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill. Since then the woolen mill has been remodeled while continuing to keep it a "working piece of history." Recognizing the historical significance of the Mill, it continues to process wool as it did over 117 years ago; on site, using original equipment, naturally turning raw fleece into finished products and crafting to old world standards. In May of 2006, Abby & Matt Curtis, pictured with their family, purchased the Frankenmuth Woolen Mill from her parents, Gary and Carol McClellan. Since then, we have expanded and now offer wholesale wool bedding.  
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Thoughts on America:
My wife and I feel we live the American dream everyday. We run our own wool processing company and employ over 40 people in Franknemuth, Michigan. We are able to offer a decent wage and benefits to our employees while making a living for ourselves. We feel truly blessed to be living the American dream. As John Cougar Mellencamp sang "educated in a small town, taught to fear Jesus in a small town,used to daydream in that small town,another born romantic thats me." So just living the American dream and raising my American family is what America means to me.
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