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Earth Eagle Forge
42091 Co 36
Laporte, MN 56461

Telephone: 218-224-3283

Year Started: 2001

# American Employees: 2
  I have been creating art most of my life working in the two dimensional. My husband, Larry, introduced me to metal work and there began the exploration into the three dimensional. In the past, I have worked as a welder fabricator for a few different business’. In April of 2001 I became self employed in order to pursue a metal art career through my business Earth Eagle Forge. Much of my inspiration come from nature, plants and wildlife is where I find inspiration. Despite all the concrete and steel on our planet, my hope is to remind others of the natural world that we all live, through organic art forms. The majority of my work has been taking and completing functional metal commissions. My goal is to delve into the sculptural arena from small to large scale work. I believe art is an important way of communicating ideas and concepts. By creating sculptures, I hope to encourage questions as to the direction of our lives as individuals and as the people of our planet. Attempting to say; life is about choices, think about it? My work help refine my thoughts and feelings into something that is visually recognizable. Visual art has been liberating for me as a means to express and in turn, hopefully speak to the individual. Art work should speak to the soul because it comes out of the soul.  
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