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The Marble Man
6113 Mudville Rd.
Woodford, VA 22580

Telephone: 804-448-9100

Year Started: 1983

# American Employees: 2
  Our names are Jack & Sue Hahn and we started our game board and marble business in 1983 when Jack made the first Chinese Checker boards to sell at a craft show Sue was doing with her off loom weavings. They sold and orders were taken and soon a new business was born. Over the years we have experimented with different materials and finishes for our games and developed our unique brightly colored boards and Tye Dyes that set us apart. Most of our game boards are made of Pine, which is drilled, finely sanded, and stained either DARK (Red Mahogany), MEDIUM (Special Walnut) or LIGHT (Golden Oak), They are then finished with three coats of water based polyurethane. Most of the games are also available in the following colors: RED, YELLOW, TURQUOISE BLUE, ORANGE, HOT PINK, PURPLE, GREEN, CRANBERRY, & BLACK. Sometimes we also do CRANBERRY or DARK GREEN. We also do them in an assortment of hardwoods depending on demand and availability. The marble business evolved along with our games, when we first started we just bought the standard 6 colors of game marbles. Then everyone kept asking if we had anything else, so we looked and found the factories up in WV and went on a road trip. This was back in 1984 and we established a working relationship with the all the various places that were operating at that time. Over the years we got hold of a lot of small runs and odds & ends that never were released to the public. We labeled every box with where we got it and the year we got them. We've been organizing lately and finding some great stuff that I'll add to the site as I have time to photograph and post. While we do not have a shop for the public to visit we do a number of Art & Craft Shows with our games and sun catchers throughout the year and we encourage you to check our show schedule and drop by a show and say Hello.  
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We have been able to make our living doing our Art and Craft Shows for almost 30 years, how many other places do you get to do what you love for a living. We feel very lucky to have the opportunity.
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