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74 West 2nd Street
Apopka, FL 32703

Telephone: 800-881-9044

Year Started: 1999

# American Employees: 12
  Hello, This is Dino Rachiele, founder and owner of Rachiele, LLC. I began in this industry back in 1977 as a professional kitchen and bath designer. My studies were in ergonomics. I became frustrated with the poorly designed sinks on the market and began designing sinks that made sense. Sinks with rear corner drains, apron sinks that could be installed in existing cabinetry, etc. I was awarded 6 patents on my designs. I began manufacturing sinks in early 1999, selling to kitchen dealers, retail plumbing showrooms and a couple of online companies. In 2008 I became frustrated with the orders coming from dealers for sinks that I was certain the end users would not like. I was also concerned with the customer service offered by these dealers. So, in January of 2008 we contacted all 164 dealers and told them we would no longer be selling through them and would be selling direct to the public at the same prices we were selling to them. They all understood (thankfully). Since then, we have been offering factory direct pricing to the public with personalized customer service. I speak to each customer, make sure they are getting the appropriate product and am available evenings and weekends for phone calls. My cell phone number is written on every page of our site. Now, I feel much better about things, knowing that my customers are well satisfied with both product and service. By the way, I pack every single sink that leaves here. I want my eyes to be the last ones on your sink. I also want to make sure your sink is packaged as perfectly as possible. Thank you for considering us. January 23, 2012 Some current news... We are a small family owned company. It appears to me that a large corporate sink manufacturer (Kohler) is stepping on our patented sink. I wrote a very non threatening letter to the owner of the company without involving my patent attorney as I wanted a friendly discussion. My letter was ignored for quite some time... until today. I received a letter from their "high powered" attorney firm indicated they felt they were not infringing on my patents. You can look at the facts here. I will let you all decide what you think. Looks like the big guys liked my ideas. For that I am grateful. It is sad, however, that a mega company can wield their attorneys like a sword and squash the little guy without blinking an eye. What ever happened to doing business the old fashioned way? I would rather be approachable than mega-wealthy any day.  
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I feel very strongly about buying American. I own three companies. The one that was my largest is now my smallest. I made the decision two years ago to drop all products not made in the USA. We sold everything from cork flooring to ceiling fans, from faucets to sinks. The company was a multi million dollar a year company. It is now less than 10% of the size since I decided to only carry American Made Products. I have no regrets. The company is growing and healthy. I have to admit it was quite a jolt to my finances when I suddenly stopped selling over 90% of our products. As I said... no regrets!
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