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Jensen Apparel
2615 Elmhurst Lane
Portsmouth, VA 23701

Telephone: 757-966-7608

Year Started: 1987

# American Employees: 95
  Jensen Apparel has been making t-shirts and related apparel for over 25 years. Our commitment to the American worker has kept our operations in the U.S. The cotton we use is grown right here on U.S. soil. It is knitted and dyed, then sewn into our high quality products, which are then packaged, warehoused and shipped - ALL right here in the USA. Every product we sell helps to keep Americans employed. Jensen is a true All American brand.  
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Thoughts on America:
America is the greatest country in the world, offering an individual the most opportunity to advance to any level of financial success if that person works long and hard. As giving as America is, it still takes the dedication of hard work and sacrifice to achieve one's goals. God bless America and those who work hard to achieve success.
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