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American Giant
3171 21st St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Telephone: 888-707-0964

Year Started: 2011

# American Employees: 7
  AT AMERICAN GIANT WE BELIEVE THERE IS A GIANT INSIDE OF EVERYONE. WE BELIEVE that with hard work and extra effort everyone has a shot at the American dream. WE ARE MALCONTENTS. We are never satisfied. We never rest on bygone laurels. For us, good enough is the enemy of great. And the only way to move this world forward, to change our country for the better and change our attitude from can't to can, is to not be comfortable with the way things are. AMERICAN GIANT IS THE REBIRTH of American ingenuity in apparel manufacturing and retail. We were not comfortable with the fact that when you follow the thread, most clothes we love, Hoodies, t-shirts, and sweats, are made in countries that are so far away, the only American job it created was a store clerk. So we changed everything. From seed to sewn, what we make and sell is the product of an old American work ethic and a new American way of doing business. So you can not only be proud of what you wear but be surprised at how well it's made, how well it fits and the quality of how it feels. We cut no corners. We did this the hard way. We do things the right way. DON'T GET COMFORTABLE is not just tagline. It's what drives our philosophy and it's what energizes us every day we come to work.  
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WE BELIEVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE GREAT THINGS IN AMERICA IS ALIVE AND WELL. The ingredients required to do so -- innovative thinking, humble work ethic, and a commitment to ideals -- exist today as they did decades before, and inspire us to do new things in the apparel space. As consumers of American made goods, we are faced with a false choice: buy low quality clothes from budget chain stores or premium apparel from boutique brands at exorbitant prices. Our goal is to give you a real choice. We should all be able to enjoy high quality, American made clothing at prices that are affordable. Making apparel in the United States does cost more, but it need not negatively impact the quality or price of your clothing. To offset this cost, we eliminate all the costs that aren't directly tied to building great product -- big advertising budgets, fancy retail stores, and expensive wholesale partners -- clearing a path to bring you American made craftsmanship at a great value, made right here.
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