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PO Box 270842
West Hartford, CT 06127

Telephone: 860-561-0610

Year Started: 1991

# American Employees: 1
  Greenfeather Bird Toys©/ GFBToys creates small animal & rabbit enrichment toys that help to stimulate good mental health, excersize for the furried bodies, incourages the use of their feet, nose & gives the curious teeth & tongue lots of textures to explore! The tents, sleeping bags or pods offer a comfortable place to nap, sleep or hide. Toy parts to repair toys, create your own toys or just as foot toys. Many of these small animal toys are created using products such as: 'green' or ecofriendly critter toy parts.....wood products from managed forest,renewable resources, organic or sustainable farming....recycled & recyclable grade coloring....drinking water rated plastic coils....playing cards that are from sustainable forest paper, starch-based laminat glue & vegetable-based inks & recyclable....natural colored paper products....natural rubber toys....there are lots of small animal toy parts made in the USA, along with many small critter toys that have all parts USA-C.  
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Most products parts used to create the toys are Made in USA-C.
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