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AZ Industries,Inc.
2829 Hwy 62/412
Hardy, AR 72542

Telephone: 870-856-3041

Year Started: 1972

# American Employees: 11
  The founder of the company, Les Adam, passed away in 2003. The company is now owned by his wife, Barbara Adam, and operated by his son, Jim Adam, our president, who has been with the company from its creation. AZ Industries, Inc. started in the garage of inventor Les Adam and his wife Barbara in Anaheim, CA in 1972 making pieces of magnets for people who used them in their products. For example, if you bought an electric guitar or mainframe computer, you would have our magnets. Very highly thought of in OEM supply companies throughout the world, increasing production made it necessary to move into a commercial building in El Monte, CA. In 1981, we moved into a new commercial building in the (then) small town of Temecula, CA. This new 24,000 square foot facility enabled us to greatly expand our production capabilities. In 1989, because of production needs and the desire to have a more convenient location for our customers across the country, AZ Industries relocated to scenic Hardy, AR., the hub of the growing Ozark Mountains region. Over the years, AZ Industries has been involved in many fields. For example, we have been involved in the health applications of magnets and in the field of promoting energy conservation before the green movement was popular. Such as promoting a 3,000-mile auto rally called Ener-Run featuring vehicles with alternative power systems. One of AZ Industries most popular green products is an airport runway sweeper that requires no fuel to operate. It uses a series of gears that prompt the brush to rotate and hitches to any small vehicle. It’s lightweight and can be operated without special training.  
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