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United Salon Associates
3095 SE ranch Acres Circle
Jupiter, FL 33478

Telephone: 561-243-4083

Year Started: 8

# American Employees: 26
  Anthony Battaglia began his beauty industry career over 40 years ago at 21 years old as a hairdresser. After two years as a stylist he designed and patented a unique styling tool called the Mark II. This innovative invention had a comb with teasing ridges at one end and fine stainless steel prongs at the other end. Today, the Mark II is still the single largest selling styling implement in the beauty industry.  
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Thoughts on America:
I have designd and manufactured profeional styling tools for over 45 years started at 21 years old with my first patented styling comb 90% of my products Made in the USA, once I succed my competiton will follow I belevie in America and we can do it better thatany other country
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