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American Global Standards, LLC
1187 Coast Village Road Suite 495
Santa Barbara, CA 93108

Telephone: 617-838-4648

Year Started: 1993

# American Employees: 10
  American Global Standards (AGS) is an American company established to assist manufacturing and service industries in their quest to remain competitive in the global marketplace. American Global Standards is a registrar of Quality and Environmental Management Systems to ISO 9000/ISO 14000 Series requirements. AGS provides independent, third party assessments of management systems for all industries. Quality Management System Certification (QMS) demonstrates that a company has designed and implemented a reliable system of controls to meet customer demands for quality in goods and services. Environmental Management System Certification (EMS) demonstrates a company's commitment to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements of their industry and pledges to seek processes and supplies designed to minimize and/or reduce pollution. EMS certification also emphasizes a company's commitment to utilize sustainable resources and to recycle materials as much as possible.  
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