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Spring St. Designs
1365 Ogden Street
Denver, CO 80218

Telephone: 303.861.2198

Year Started: 2006

# American Employees: 1
  All Spring St. artwork is designed, printed and applied to organic cotton shirts in our studio. We use a heat transfer (iron-on) process, which allows us to achieve highly detailed images and textures, unlimited colors and also the flexibility of on-the-spot personalization, all while keeping the costs reasonable. To take care of the shirts and keep the designs looking good for as long as possible, wash them inside out in cold water and then immediately place in the dryer, still inside out. Do not let the shirts sit wet. Expect to see colors soften slightly as the artwork sets into the organic fabric. Spring St. Designs is the creation of graphic designer, Nell Maguire and her studio, SpringCreative located in Denver Colorado. The inspiration that sparked Nell’s idea for Spring St. Designs was her desire to produce personalized, environmentally-friendly children’s tees as gifts for family and friends. Using the design skills and tools already available in her studio, Nell soon developed a line of designs that turn everyday icons, symbols, letters, shapes and images into uniquely playful themes appealing to both parents and children. We are proud to be displaying our designs on tees from American Apparel, a company that makes all their clothes in a downtown L.A sweatshop-free factory. We have chosen their line called The Sustainable Edition because it is made from 100% USDA certified organic cotton. The fabric is soft, comfortable and in many ways healthier for our children. Parents appreciate the choice of organic clothes when shopping for their children, especially babies. We are told the skin (or the integumentary system) is our largest organ, so what we put on it should be as natural and pure as possible. Most would agree that when you have a choice, organic is better. Most of us also think that cotton is a “natural” product; unfortunately this couldn’t be further from the truth. Conventionally grown cotton is not natural at all. It is treated each year with thousands of tons of the most toxic farm pesticides and defoliants on the market! In contrast to conventional cotton growers, organic cotton growers work with nature to avoid using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and defoliants. Some clothing companies are responding to the growing consumer demand for clothes made from organic fibers or are integrating small amounts of organic fibers into their products.  
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I'm proud to live in a country that is culturally, ethnically and religiously diverse. A country that has instilled an entrepreneurial and "can-do" spirit in generations of Americans. My products are high quality USA made organic clothing that is safe and fun for our children!
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