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Banana Jack, Hawaii
3020 Diamond Head Rd.
Honolulu, HI 96815

Telephone: 808-926-3155

Year Started: 1969

# American Employees: 4
  Banana Jack is a family owned company located in Honolulu Hawaii, USA. We've been on the web since October 1996, shipping our Hawaiian Aloha shirts, our hawaiian style dresses and beach fashion footwear to the entire planet. Shop our site with confidence knowing once you purchase any of our fine Hawaiian shirts, dresses or sandals, your payment and personal information will be kept strickly confidential. We never sell, give away or compromise any of our client data, in any way, and we take great pride in all our hawaiian clothes and shoes - offering unsurpassed, world class customer service and speedy delivery.  
Product Categories:
Shoes,  Dresses,  Shirts
Thoughts on America:
There is little comparison to the quality of truly US made products. Savvy American consumers know that they may pay a bit more for US made goods however in most cases they will have saved themselves money in the long run by simply hot having to replace the product with a new one not long after buying it. When it comes to quality and service America is in a class of it's own. No doubt about it.
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