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EXOProducts, Inc.
9 Reed Lane
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Telephone: 518-371-3173

Year Started: 2003

# American Employees: 1
  Super Peel™ was invented by a young girl named Jennifer and her father, to help them transfer their pizzas to their hot oven stone. As legend would have it, one year for Father’s Day, Jennifer gave her father a pizza stone. Initially, there was excitement over the possibilities of better pizzas! However, this excitement was to be very short lived. After a few misguided “pizza sliding” attempts (along with, ahem!, lots of smoke and mess!), the initial excitement waned, tensions built, and impatience ruled. The pizza stone was forever banished from both the oven and the kitchen, and was retired to permanent residence under the living room sofa. A year or so later, Jennifer asked her Mom why Daddy was “not using that pizza thing I got him anymore.” The resultant feelings of guilt led them on a father and daughter quest for a better and more predictable way to deliver the dough. Jennifer and her Dad toiled for many months in the secrecy of their basement laboratory. The successful end result of their quest was the first Super Peel™. The Super Peel™ was conceived for sliding pizzas onto a hot pizza stone. However, its versatility for many other common baking and dough handling tasks became immediately apparent.  
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Thoughts on America:
While the present administration recognizes the need to make more products here and to increase exports, very little is being done to effect this. Simply recognizing the problem is not the solution. Somehow, we need to again produce products that the rest of the world wants to buy. Buying American made is an important first step, but we must also manufacture and sell to the world. We need to buy less junk/stuff, and buy USA made even if it costs a little more. Especially for more durable goods, the cost difference can really be insignificant over the life of a product. About EXOProducts - Super Peel concept testing began in late 1998 and the first working prototype was developed in early 1999. Patent application was submitted in July, 1999 and the patent issued in May of 2000. Initial attempts to license the patent rights received considerable interest, however were unsuccessful. After further development and design modifications, the Super Peel patent was licensed to a Portland, Oregon cooking tools manufacturing and supply company. They enjoyed some success in marketing the product prior to experiencing a number of major business setbacks, which required priority attention. The Super Peel came back home in early 2003, and we began our own marketing efforts. The Baker’s Catalogue, of the King Arthur Flour Company, took immediate interest and ultimately offered the Super Peel from September 2003 to August 2004, during which time it was featured on their November 2003 Catalogue cover. EXOProducts, Inc. was founded in 2002, as a promotion company for the Super Peel, but also as a product development company, with primary interests in new product development and licensing. We currently have several other products under development, but our current focus is the Super Peel. We are committed to manufacturing and offering it as a highest quality product. We hope you will decide give the Super Peel a try. We are confident that you will like it.
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