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Alston Publications
2138Fort Halifax Street
Henderson, NV 89052

Telephone: 702-617-4949

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 1
  Alston is an artist, author, illustrator and retired business woman who, being a mother and grandmother herself is concerned about the education of our children as well as the breakdown of family relationships. As a mother and grandmother she knows how important the "formative years" are in teaching children. So she wants to help other parents, grandparents and teachers teach by creating coloring books. The first series are geography coloring books about each state in the United States. After all fifty states are complete. She will create coloring books with other learning subjects featuring Grandma Joy and Grandpappy Happy with the grandchildren.  
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Thoughts on America:
I LOVE our country and want to help all of our children learn about it and be proud of it.That's why I'm creating a series of coloring books on U.S. Geography, so they can learn about every state while they are having fun.
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