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W-W Manufacturing Co.
8832 Highway 54
Thomas, OK 73669

Telephone: 800.999.1214

Year Started: 1946

# American Employees: 85
  Ideas grew to needing a place to build. In 1953 the first WW building was being erected in Dodge City, Kansas with the use of the high lift loader, designed specifically by WW for the purpose. One of the ingenious ideas was a foot pedal riding lawn mower with blades powered by a gasoline engine. Shown riding with one of the engineers is Ted Webster, son of Murle Webster (on second mower). The first WW manufacturing site in Dodge City, Kansas. Note the dark roofed building with three ventilation outlets on the left. Below the parking lot was the "squeeze chute inn" properly named for the inventory holding area. The trailer to the extreme right was the first home of Murle Webster - always the first to work and the last to go home. A multi-purpose slip in stock rack for pickups was introduced in 1954. The sides would fold to carry bulk materials, or retract back into a sidewall to carry livestock. The popularity of the slide in rack allowed WW to manufacture widths and lengths to fit almost every brand of pickup. And, included the option to order the unit with galvanized steel. In 1956 the first portable corral panels were set up at the Dodge City livestock sales barn for exhibit. From that first showing and a backlash of orders, WW knew the product had a home. From there, WW realized it needed a fleet to deliver those orders and purchased 4 flatbed trucks for delivery alone. C.N. "Charlie" Webster, front left and M.F. "Murle" Webster went out and hired what they termed the best in their field and for more than six years the engineering, production and sales staff consisted of twenty employees. Always ready for fun, the first rocking calf cradle was field tested by "Murle" and members of production. From local shows and state and county fairs the WW exhibit was always a popular spot to see what was new in the marketplace. As word grew on the quality of WW livestock equipment, additional requests began to flood the business. Shown right to left is "Murle" Webster, a sales member, center, and Claude Butts, designer of the first WW calf cradle. When Earl Luna of Dallas announced his Charolais Production Sale would be held in the Dallas Memorial Auditorium some eyebrows were lifted. First of all, holding a cattle sale in this structure was highly unusual, and too, how could they be handled? The answer was almost simple. Last year at Kansas City, as shown in the photo made during the Charolais Congress, the chutes and pens were portable and provided by the leading manufacturer of livestock systems, WW Manufacturing. Similar equipment was used in the Dallas Auditorium. To make the event even more colorful green sawdust covered the sales ring and the big white cattle were bathed in the beam of a spotlight. In January of 2001 W-W built a new state of the art production facility in Thomas Oklahoma to better fulfill the needs of you our customer and to insure the quality of the World’s Finest Livestock Equipment. In October of 1992 W-W purchased our eastern manufacturing plant in Livingston, Tn. W-W Livingston manufactures our pre-galvanized products which are distributed nation wide as well as our powder coat products though out the eastern United States. In the year of 2000 W-W purchased Paul Scales which is the leader in all types of livestock weighing systems. This facility is located in Duncan Oklahoma and is officially named W-W Paul Scales. The W-W Paul Scale Company is very well known in the fair and expo community. This has proved to be a great asset for W-W Livestock Systems in continuing our role as a leader in the livestock handling equipment.  
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