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Fractiles, Inc.
2525 Arapahoe Ave. E4-110
Boulder, CO 80302

Telephone: 303 541 0930

Year Started: 1998

# American Employees: 2
  Fractiles, Inc. is a Colorado Corporation formed in 1998 by geometry fans Marc Pelletier and Beverly Johnson of Boulder, Colorado. Geometry is one of the Seven Medieval Arts intended to liberate us from a mundane life. Marc and Beverly's mission in developing Fractiles is to help bring the beauty of geometry into the mainstream. B Beverly Johnson, President and co-founder of Fractiles loves to promote and develop Fractiles. She especially enjoys discovering the different ways that Fractiles can be of benefit to all kinds of people ranging from Altzheimers patients to gifted children. Beverly says "The more I play with Fractiles, the easier it becomes to view life from different points of view. Playing with Fractiles facilitates lateral thinking, improves my ability to recognize patterns, to solve problems in everyday life, and to look more deeply. I love Fractiles!" Marc Pelletier is the co-founder of Fractiles. Marc's passion for mathematical models began at 13, when he began building his own paper models. Beverly and Marc have turned these ideas into Fractiles. Marc has worked with some of the biggest names in geometry, researching, publishing, and collaborating in the field of 'hyperdimensional geometry'. As a founder of Zometool mathematical construction kit, Marc is experienced in designing for fascination and learning value. For information about the company that makes our tiles see:  
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