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Bradley Enterprises LLC
760 southpaw road
Ozark, MO 65721

Telephone: 417-581-7755

Year Started: 1988

# American Employees: 1
  Scott Bradley was born and raised in Ozark, Mo. Scott is a graduate of MSU in Springfield, Mo. with a degree in Agriculture. Married to Tracey (23 yrs.)(Tracey feels like it has been 2x that long) and living on a cattle and alfalfa hay farm near Ozark. Tracey works in Springfield and Scott farms. Raising two daughters, keeps them both busy. Scott and Tracey purchased a Lil'House heater for their old farm house in 1988, and about 15 years ago they purchased a modular home of approx. 1755 sq. ft. With more time than money they decided to also heat the new home with a heater. So, they kept the small 150 gallon propane tank to use for backup heat in the new home. Scott being a "tight wad" (as Tracey says) fills the tank once a year maybe and that is all the propane they use. This will be our 22nd winter of heating with a Lil'House heater. Since removing the gas cook stove the propane tank has not been tapped in 2 years. I did check to make sure the pilot light would stay on in the propane heater in the house. Honesty is very important to the Bradley's and rest assured we will not "hang you out to dry" when thinking of purchasing a Lil'house heater. With over 1400 units in the field Scott is familiar with the heaters operation and requirements. We are the number 1 dealer in the United States for the Lil'house heaters. Customer service is also very important to Scott and he will go the distance to help you all he can. If it is a question about installation or general question he will answer it for you. If you want someone that wants to help you instead of just "selling something" Scott and Tracey are your kind of folks!  
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America is the finest nation in the world. However we need to bring home to the USA. Without farmers, and other small business owners America will not survive that way it is for much longer. If you spend your money in America with Americans it will make a difference. If your tired of giving your money China why not try to buy USA PRODUCTS! Money is a powerful tool and it can "teach" the major companies we need to be building products "made in the USA". I am proud to be partnered with this site! GO USA GO USA!
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