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P.O. Box 6159
Gardnerville, NV 89460

Telephone: 1-800-326-4410

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 2
  In mid-August, 2002 we were preparing for a two week trip to Wyoming and Montana with our travel trailer, where we do a lot of dry-camping. While checking out our RECAIR cooler, we found that the spin-spray pump had cracked and needed replacing. We have had two new travel trailers in the preceeding five years and both have had a RECAIR cooler powered by a solar panel. We swore by the RECAIR coolers. After checking with our dealer, Carson RV in Carson City, Nevada, we were told the rumor was that the owner of RECAIR had passed away two years ago and the company was out of business. That being the case, we purchased the "other brand" evaporative cooler that was available. After spending the weekend installing the "other brand" cooler, the moment came to turn it on. WOW, what a disappointment! It was noisy and two of the many moving parts didn't work, not to mention the fact that there was little or no cool air coming from it. Needless to say we headed out on our trip in early August without a working cooler and carrying an extra 36 pounds of dead weight. Upon returning home, we put on our detective hats and were able to locate and purchase the only thing left of the original RECAIR company, the molds, which were the critical parts if we were to continue the technology. We settled into the most difficult part of the project - seven months of trying to find the sources for some 100 different parts. There were no records for information. With that finally accomplished, we renamed the unit "TurboKOOL" and got underway with the marketing and assembly of TurboKOOL - and here we are! Knowing that there had been tens of thousands of RECAIR units sold in the past years, ours being one of them, we knew first hand just how good this spin-spray technology is. Most of the RECAIR and TurboKOOL replacement parts are interchangeable and available right here on our website. We hope we can help those of you who have inoperative RECAIR coolers to get them working again. For those of you who liked the RECAIR, you will love our TurboKOOL coolers with the same proven spin-spray technology and numerous improvements. A side note to all of this is a convincing testimonial about our first trip with our very first travel trailer, our RECAIR cooler and solar panel. Crossing the Salt Lake desert in mid-July, with 100 degree-plus temperatures on a seldom used 125 mile shortcut road, our tow vehicle broke down half way across and we were stranded for eight hours. The only thing that saved us from becoming "bacon" was - you guessed it, our RECAIR cooler! In those eight hours we became believers! Now we want to make this same spin-spray, bacon saving, technology available for RVers again. Look for TurboKOOL at your dealer's showroom today or you can order it right here on our website. Not having a background in manufacturing evaporative coolers, we believe in this product and we've had great fun putting it all together. If you have any questions we can help you with, please give us a call and we'll do what we can to help you. Stay Cool with TurboKOOL!! Ben & Barbara Bachman 775-265-3003  
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We're proud to say our TurboKOOL is American made and specifically Made in Nevada!
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