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Bluegrass Fuel Systems
PO Box 802
Edmonton, KY 42129

Telephone: 502-682-6785

Year Started: 1972

# American Employees: 9
  Bio coming soon.  
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Thoughts on America:
America is a great, great nation, founded by incredible people and is still populated by great people. Our Constitution defines us, gives us our freedoms, and sets the stage for the kind of people we should become. We the people run the show here, regardless of what you hear or read about, and most of us are still as patriotic as our forefathers. Within the past 40-50 years we have fallen on some dark times and our responsibility is to roll up our sleeves and work, scratch and claw to get back to what we should be. A restoration is needed. My hope is that we join together as our fellow Americans did before us: talk to each other, help each other, laugh with each other, cry with each other, work and fight along side each other as brothers and sisters, united. Love for our country and love for each other!
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