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You-Tools LLC
PO Box 2341
Bend, OR 97709

Telephone: 541-480-2320

Year Started: 2007

# American Employees: 2
  For over 30 years, the founders of You-Tools, Rick and Bev Francis, have owned a construction company in Bend, Oregon and in their line of business, splinters are a common problem. Bend was once primarily a lumber and millwork town that spawned manufacture of grass roots sliver type tweezers. For years crews in the blade sharpening shops would grind fat-head/precise tips tweezers from planer blade stock one at a time. The metal and wood workers found these to be the best way to handle the worst slivers. In the early 90's, Rick and Bev were given mill tweezers by a millwork delivery driver. They immediately realized the value of the tweezer design and found them in constant demand by anyone with a sliver. They decided to develop the time-tested tool into a new folding format and share it with the frustrated sliver-prone market. From this original idea came PockeTweez and you'll see immediately why it is different. It folds and locks shut for easy transport and protective storage so you can drop it in your pocket or keep it on a key ring. The tips are pointed and sharp enough to get to the sliver, but unlike a needle or knife, you can stop digging and just grab and remove the sliver. The unusual fat tweezers' heads are rigid and when pressure is applied the tips positively grip and remove slivers. Because of those qualities, they have proven to be the best for many other uses such as removal of unwanted hair, ticks, and ingrown hair or whiskers. Now the application for PockeTweez goes far beyond the construction world and is popular with all trades people, gardeners, EMT's, pet owners, parents, and sportsmen. Kids like the relatively painless sliver removal process and are happy to avoid their parents' "digging with a needle or knife" approach. It's handy to have in a first aid kit, bathroom drawer, glove compartment, the garage or shop. Because it folds and locks into a safe and protective handle it can easily be carried in your purse, pocket or tool belt. For easy access it can be hung off a backpack, hook, fishing vest, or set of keys.  
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