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Skyhorse Saddle Company
p.o. box 4317
durango, CO 81302

Telephone: 9703857660

Year Started: 1974

# American Employees: 2
  A Skyhorse saddle is a singular work of art, created specifically for horse and rider by master saddlemakers Lisa and Loren Skyhorse. The finest materials, traditional craftsmanship, uncompromising dedication to detail and quality, these are the hallmarks of a Skyhorse saddle. Each is a masterpiece in leather, distinctively designed and exquisitely crafted to meet your individual riding needs. Each of our handmade saddles is built to custom specifications; from the rawhide covered tree and hand carved groundseat, to individual brands and logos, to the color of your choice, to the masterful hand carving of master carver Lisa Skyhorse. Edges of their saddles are all rubbed to a smooth patina, or trimmed with Loren Skyhorse's famous eight-strand edge braid, in either traditional kangaroo leather lace or our exclusive solid sterling silver braid. Our remarkable silver braiding is a Skyhorse saddle company trademark and is unique throughout the industry. Silver accents, handcrafted by a select few silversmiths, add spirit and beauty to any Skyhorse saddle. Our exceptional conchos are fashioned to your personal taste and range in style from traditional engraving to overlay, inlay, stamped, hammered, polished, or set stones. Native American weavings and exotic leathers, including full quill ostrich, stingray, and alligator, can be overlaid or inlaid for a crowning touch. Skyhorse also offers complete sets of unique, top quality accessories; bridles, reins, breastcollars, flank cinches, rifle scabbards, front and rear saddlebags, wear leathers. CONSTRUCTION: Every Skyhorse saddle is built on a tree made to your specifications, to fit both you and your style of riding, as well as your breed of horse. The tree is built with wood and covered with rawhide, like the classic trees that are still around a hundred years later. All construction is done with nails and screws, with a hand carved leather groundwork that enables us to carve each seat to fit your body type. We use all number 1 grade leather, tanned by Hermann Oak Leather, the oldest and most respected tanners of saddle skirting. All our saddles are lined with 1" thick genuine sheepskin. All hardware is stainless steel or solid brass. Every aspect of the construction, from materials to workmanship, is uncompromised quality. We average 30 saddles per year, so every saddle we built is important to us. Our saddles are not only beautiful and comfortable, they are built strong enough to be roped off of. Another Skyhorse trademark is our fully inlaid padded seats. The inlay protects the edges of the soft leather and allows us to inlay Navajo weavings or exotic leather. It most importantly offers less bulk and more close contact. The foam is a closed cell that offers great padding, and does not absorb water. Skyhorse Saddle Company - for unbridled elegance in custom saddles.  
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