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Epilog Laser
16371 Table Mountain Pkwy
Golden, CO 80403

Telephone: 303.277.1188

Year Started: 1988

# American Employees: 75
  Headquartered in Golden, Colorado, Epilog Laser was established in 1988 to bring CO2 laser engraving systems to both commercial distributors, small business owners and the home craftsman. These CO2 laser engraving systems can cut and engrave into wood, acrylic, plastic and many other materials. They also produce stunning results on stainless steel and coated metals. Due to the heightened demand for convenient metal marking solutions, in 2006 Epilog Laser expanded its product line to offer a fiber laser system that allows users to mark directly on metal surfaces including titanium, steel, aluminum, carbide, alloys, brass, and more. Epilog recently launched the industry's first low-cost entry-level CO2 laser engraving system, the Zing Laser, to bring our technology to a wider audience. Innovation - A Company of "Firsts" From the first laser to “print” directly from CorelDraw, to the first rotary attachment, to the first large-format table, to the first 100-watt laser, Epilog is known for implementing useful features that enhance our customers’ ability to work more efficiently and reap higher profits. Since Epilog Laser has been manufacturing CO2 and fiber laser engraving systems longer than anyone else in the industry, we have a unique perspective and solid understanding of what our customers need and want when it comes to engraving, marking, and cutting. Through creativity and innovation, we’ve been able to meet and exceed customer expectations by developing innovative products that are exceptionally versatile and user-friendly.  
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In a time of economic uncertainty, Epilog Laser believes it is imperative to establish and keep a strong manufacturing presence in the United States. We are committed to keeping our product 100% USA made.
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