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Angelina's of Maryland
P.O. Box 942
Brooklandville, MD 21022

Telephone: 800-272-2225

Year Started: 2005

# American Employees: 4
  In 1952, Angelina Tadduni and her family began a neighborhood Italian restaurant in a row home in northeast Baltimore. Building upon its local popularity, Bob and Carole Reilly purchased the restaurant in 1968 and added several essential features to the Angelina's legacy. Among these were a renowned Irish pub (the first to serve draught Guinness in Baltimore) and the finishing touches on the celebrated crab cake recipe. The success of this signature dish made Angelina's name famous far beyond the old neighborhood, and the crab cakes began accumulating a list of awards too lengthy to include here. Visitors from across the country came to Angelina's seeking the best known crab cakes in a city best known for crab cakes. Many customers inquired about bringing some back to their hometowns, and Bob and Susan Bufano began shipping our crab cakes nationwide in 1993. In 2005, with the future of the restaurant uncertain, "Angelina's of Maryland" was formed to continue making the famous crab cakes available through nationwide mail order. We created this website and became a separate entity from the restaurant at that time. However we continue to make the crab cakes exactly as they were at the restaurant and as taught to us by several generations of former owners. Sadly, the restaurant itself has been closed since October of 2008. Different families have made unique contributions to the Angelina's story over the past half century, yet each has done so with a deep respect for those who preceded them. We believe this history is the "secret ingredient" which makes our crab cakes the finest available, and we are proud to share the tradition with you.  
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