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Olde Tyme Mercantile, LLC
2390 Beaver Drive
Washoe Valley, NV 89704

Telephone: 1-888-410-0581

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 2
  Elaine McNeill and Rosana Halprine were talking about younger days as more mature women are prone to do when Elaine mentioned making fruit butters when she was a child with her great-grandmother and grandmother. Since Rosana's mother never made fruit butters, they decided to make some of the fruit butters from Elaine's family recipes to see if they were as good as she remembered. They started with apple butter and then graduated to more exotic flavors. For the apple butter recipes they relied on Elaine's memory. However, most of the recipes were invented by Rosana and Elaine. They followed some guiding principles for all of their recipes. First, they agreed to use only the best ingredients they could find. Second, they decided not to use sugar. Third, they decided not to hurry the process. Finally, they decided that all of their butters had to be good enough to share with friends who would tell them the truth about the taste, texture and appearance of their fruit butters. After sampling a few of the fruit butters, their friends wanted to buy them! One of their friends gave the fruit butters as hostess gifts. Soon, her friends wanted to buy the fruit butters! Having friends, family, and a few strangers ask to buy the fruit butters reminded Elaine of her grandfather's experience. As a young man her grandfather augmented his meager school teacher's pay by starting a mercantile service with a friend. The two men traveled through rural Kentucky selling thread, needles, hand tools, spices and other items a farmer could not raise or make. Along the way her grandfather discovered the delicious fruit butters made by the farm women in Kentucky. These two events, separated by over one-hundred years, lead to this new venture, "Olde-Tyme Mercantile Fruit Butters". They now sell their fruit butters via the internet as well as directly to some established customers. Enjoy!  
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We are both very proud to be Americans. We hope that the "American Dream" will not fade away and that opportunity will always be there for those that work hard and never give up. We believe that "American Made" should still mean something and we look forward to supporting that goal.
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