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David Anderson Bronze Sculpture
1892 West 2870 South
Rexburg, ID 83440

Telephone: 208-356-0034

Year Started: 1994

# American Employees: 2
  David Anderson grew up in the heart of the Rocky Mountains where he freely observed the wonders of this beautiful land and the creatures that dwell there. Because he was fascinated with creating clay animals at a very young age, his mother lightheartedly alleges that he was born with clay in his hands. Seeing, thinking, and working as an artist became second nature to David, as he observed great artists, including Conrad Schwiering and Sergei Bongart. His artist father, who studied under the above named professionals, often took David along on painting expeditions. David enjoyed painting, but working with clay was what he really loved. David captures energy and emotion in each bronze piece he creates. One of his trademarks is to leave a dropped antler either visible or camouflaged in many of his pieces. Always wanting his viewer to have additional things to look for, he skillfully places tiny details into each piece to add interest and intrigue. His work is first sculpted in clay and then taken through the lost wax process to produce his dramatic bronzes. The molding and foundry processes are so precise that the artist's fingerprints will be visible in the finished bronze. Having entered an international sculpture competition in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, his artistry was recognized and lauded. He received the first Place Award and the Peoples Choice Award for a sculpture called Running of the Bulls. His work is displayed in many galleries throughout the West. The artist may be seen oftentimes at these galleries and at juried art shows displaying his bronze sculptures. Anderson's work has been featured in many national and international magazines. Being highly involved in wildlife conservation, David uses his talents to raise funds for habitat preservation. His efforts have assisted organizations such as Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Wildlife Forever, Foundation for North American Wild Sheep, Ducks Unlimited as well as local conservation organizations. David married Connie, his high school sweetheart, and they are the proud parents of four daughters. They live in a log home which they designed and constructed themselves.  
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