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Sawtooth Saddle Company
8962 W Castle Cove Rd
Vernal, UT 84078

Telephone: 435-789-5400

Year Started: 1990

# American Employees: 7
  The creation of Sawtooth Saddle Company was a working process of evolution over the years. Jerry Stewart has always loved using his hands to make things. Under the guidance of his father, Jerry learned the art of carpentry and cabinet making in his youth. Jerry loves being in the great outdoors enjoying the wide open spaces of the American West. With an interest in history, and the simpler days of the Old West, Jerry cultivated an interest in the Mountain Man Rendezvous, traveling the circuit for many years. During the rest of the year in his spare time, Jerry would hand make costumes and trade items that he could sell at the next gathering. His reputation for making quality, authentic buckskins were known far and wide. In addition to costumes, Jerry made leather gun belts, tepees, and other canvas products. It was through this experience that Jerry developed a desire to work with leather. In 1982, Jerry apprenticed for a local, custom saddlemaker, learning saddlery from the ground up. From this experience Jerry came into contact with customers who were seeking a different style of saddles. Saddles that made the West, saddles that were created in the West, saddles that transported the explorers, the mountain men, the adventurers, the cowboys, and the settlers. Saddles with a history were what the people were looking for, not just a fancy, "off the shelf" saddle. This quest for Old Time Saddles struck a similar chord within Jerry, it mixed his love of history, working with his hands, and the feel of leather. In April 1990, just a little south of heaven and almost fourteen miles northeast of Vernal, Utah, Jerry combined his interest in building historical gear with his saddle making skills and started Sawtooth Saddle Company. He researched and designed the tools necessary to produce stamping patterns from 1860 to 1915. He then set to work researching saddles from the bygone shops of yesterday: Meanea, Galatin, Visalia, Main and Winchester, and Miles City Saddlery, to name a few. Jerry's goal is not to make carbon copies of saddles, but to build saddles and gear in the styles that were popular over a hundred plus years ago. In addition to the historical saddles, Jerry builds custom, modern day saddles and gear as to customers requests. He listens to the working cowboy and the experienced horseperson to learn what good horse gear should be and incorporates these ideas into his high quality products. Jerry's wife, Kaye, keeps the books and organizes and manages the business end of the operation. From the beginning their oldest son Dan was attracted to the business. He wandered around the West, as a cowboy, a packer, and hunting guide for several years before coming home to stay. His wife Trudy and their five children contribute to the family business. Mark, Jerry's third son followed in Dan's footsteps, wandering around the West before he too joined the family business. Mark's wife, Leah, assist's Kaye with the books and general office work. Both Dan and Mark learned young, at the hands of their father the love of working with their hands and leather. Both have a natural aptitude for making saddles, tack, and gear. Jerry, Dan, and Mark all build under their own makers' stamp, as well as the Sawtooth Saddle stamp. Each item reflects their own personality, and ingrained sense of quality and functionality. Jerry's second son, James contributes to the business on the selling end. He attends the numerous shows across the country, greeting the public with his shy smile and warm handshake. When he is not touring, he shoes horses, and makes his own custom tack items. The Stewart Clan is proud of the quality craftmanship that goes into every item, and they back up every item that they make.  
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