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My Blankee Inc
742 S. Hill St. Ste. 858
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Telephone: 2139554516

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 10
  Luca Soussan was born on the 23rd of September in 2002. Shortly after his birth, Luca was diagnosed with a skin condition known as eczema. Due to his condition, his father was inspired to develop a line of hypoallergenic fabrics to accommodate Luca and others who share the same condition; and so My Blankee was born. For seven years, My Blankee has luxuriously embraced baby and children`s fashion while simultaneously upholding comfort, security, and quality in its lines. Infused with audacious colors and adventurous prints, My Blankee has playfully dared to push limits in the gift and children's industries. Mixing and matching classic fabrics like the Dot Velour and Fuzzy with urbane florals and luscious fabrics proved to be a hit among families all around. Within a short period of time, My Blankee became synonymous with a variety of plush blankets that offer unique textures and a luxurious, soft touch. Blankets, however, are not the only things offered -- My Blankee has also developed other silky, soft products such as robes, hooded towels, bedding, and car seat covers. The company's greatest achievement was its decision to allow customers to design their own products. In its belief that the customer always comes first, My Blankee became a custom fashion house in 2006; the company became a means to attaining the perfect gift for newborns, toddlers, and adults everywhere. Never one to stop short of going the extra mile, My Blankee is a vertically integrated company in downtown Los Angeles; all products leaving our factory to both wholesale or retail customers are one hundred percent made in the United States of America. Created on the basis of one man's dream to create baby blankets that care for a child as gently as if wrapped in the parents arms, My Blankee's hypoallergenic products put all parents minds at ease. Rest assured, My Blankee will always deliver the safest and most fashionable baby and children`s products around.  
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It's a crying shame that America has become a third world country. We sold out and gave our industry away. but we're fighting back and here at My Blankee, we're 100% Made in the USA!
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