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Hunter's Foot LLC
2212 Union Rd.STE700-481
Gastonia, NC 28054

Telephone: 704-747-3031

Year Started: 2007

# American Employees: 12
  On the cover of this brochure there is a slogan stating, "Socks designed for Hunters by Hunters". That's exactly what this line is. The founders of this company are long time hunters, wildlife conservationist, ranchers and avid outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. The culmination of their knowledge and experience spans over a 30 year period of time. What is most significant of their findings is there really has never been a true line of high performance hunting socks made for participants of our sport. Sure, there are socks, mostly reworked, repackaged work socks, but never a line designed from the ground up that will do what it is suppose to do and that is to offer a quality item designed for all hunting situations, climates and perform to expectations. We got to work, enlisted the help and expertise from the finest sock manufacturer in the USA. We drafted in the highest quality yarns and fibers in the world. We poured in all the comfort and performance features we could and made them look good as well. The result, the highest quality hunting sock line made today. This line does what it says it will. You'll stay dry, stay warm, stay comfortable. You'll hunt longer, hunt better. That's who we are, that's what we do, the Hunter's Footâ„¢ LLC, the Hunting Sock Authority.  
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While cheap imports have taken thier toll on American businesses and lifestyle, looks like the tide is turning, consumers are tired of wasting money on cheap, one time use products. If you want your moneies worth, demand, USA Made.
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