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Pony Pops
13 Dos Rios
Greeley, CO 80634

Telephone: 877-766-9767

Year Started: 2003

# American Employees: 1
  Unlike their ancestors who had endless acres to graze, many of today’s horses spend a large number of hours in stalls and corrals with very little to do. Horses will naturally graze for up to 70% of every 24 hour period; that means they would normally spend about 16 hours a day feeding. Stabled horses can consume their rations in about 4 hours, leaving them 12 or more hours looking for something to do. Pony Pops is the result of our search for a product to keep our horses entertained when we weren’t riding or training them. Finally after trying countless products that the horses either destroyed in minutes or flatly ignored; we knew we could do better. Our goal was a long lasting product that would be irresistible to horses. The result was the Pony Pop; a very hard grain-based lollipop. Unlike horse biscuits or cookies, which are gone in seconds, the Pony Pop provides entertainment for days. The Pony Pop offers the horse mental stimulation and a food reward. Studies show licking and playing with products such as the Pony Pop causes the horses brain to release endorphins, these relax the horse and bring about feelings of well-being and contentment. The end result is, quite simply, a happy horse! Our Guarantee: Each all-natural Pony Pop is hand-crafted in the Pony Pop kitchen using the highest quality ingredients available. Complete and total customer satisfaction is our goal. Every Pony Pop is sold with an unconditional money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with the performance of the Pony Pop within 30 days of purchase, we will happily refund the purchase price; no questions. We are proud of our creation and look forward to sharing it with your favorite equine friend. Pony Pops now come in 4 flavors; Apple, Carrot, Peppermint and Horsea Salt  
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