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Bears Playgrounds
7577 E. Main St.
Lima, NY 14485

Telephone: 1-877-807-7529

Year Started: 1989

# American Employees: 8
  Once upon a time and happily forever after, there was a family named Bears. Motivated by. . . • a genuine love of children (all children but especially ours) • a passion for the outdoors (especially playing outdoors) and • the sense of pride and accomplishment gained by creating and building the greatest outdoor play products in the universe . . . . . . The Bears Playground Crew was born. Over the years it has grown and grown. Now, Bears Playground Crew consists of a complete team of outdoor play professionals. Danny and Marcye Bears are participating members on a technical subcommittee for the American Society of Testing and Materials' (ASTM). ASTM writes industry standards for hundreds of industries, including playgrounds. So, while we do not write the rule book on playground safety, we certainly do help. In addition, several members of our staff are trained and tested Certified Playground Safety Inspectors, (CPSI). We are also members of the International Playground Contractors Association, International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) and Global Re-Leaf (an organization that plants trees for ecosystem restoration). Our mission is simple and focused: "to create fantastic products which enhance children's environments". Not long ago, we lived and worked on a big country farm, where the character of the buildings were thoughtfully maintained but the only things that we grew were beautiful, wonderful children (5 to be exact) and the most incredible playground equipment in the whole Universe. On June 25, 2008 we experienced a terrible misfortune. Five of our buildings, inventory, equipment and pretty much everything, burned to the ground in a terrible fire. By the grace of God, no one was injured and the brave Firefighters, (from the eleven Fire Departments), were able to save our home. That alone is a miracle. We learned a great deal from the experience. For starters we have a new appreciation for all of our blessings. Thanks to the kindness and support of friends, neighbors, the community, family, customers and suppliers we were able to get back on our feet in short order. Our new shop is a beautiful 36,000 square foot building. Five loading docks and 14' overhead doors make shipping nationwide a breeze. We are now able to assemble custom orders indoors, before we load up and hit the road for an installation. This helps ensure quality. We now have an entire area dedicated to perfecting full scale, cutting edge, prototypes. To ensure the best possible service we distribute manufacturer direct to the final customer. That means a quantity experience throughout the entire process and the best possible price. You can buy them at our Sales Office and display yard, online or by phone. Our playgrounds can be shipped to you for installation by others, or preferably we can custom build, deliver and install your playground wherever in the world you want us to. Our reputation and web site has earned us customers from coast to coast and around the world. So whether you are looking for design help, safety surfacing or just the greatest outdoor play products available, the playground crew at Bears is at your service.  
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