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A-Line Acoustics
510 East Washington St.
Corry, PA 16407

Telephone: 814-464-0631

Year Started: 2001

# American Employees: 12
  A-Line Acoustics began in 2001 in Corry, PA as a research and development effort in professional audio speaker systems, under the name of Better Aligned Speaker Systems (BASS). After two decades of designing and installing speaker systems in Western Pennsylvania, Tony Faranda began apply his knowledge and talent to speaker enclosure designs. His passion for better sounding audio led to designs that caught the attention of local pro audio engineers. Finally one of them, frustrated because he could not get delivery on some desperately needed speakers from a major supplier, called him and said if he could build cabinets of comparable quality and sound he would buy them. He did and, as the saying goes, the rest is history. R & D efforts, particularly in line array technology soon resulted in quality and innovative speaker products that were enthusiastically received by pro audio users in test marketing. Market research prompted the name change from BASS to more descriptive A-Line Acoustics – which better describes the company’s commitment to line array technology. Line array speaker systems have become the standard for major concert and theatre sound. As the standard has become more widely accepted there has been increasing demand for better, more versatile and affordable line array speakers. Starting with the introduction of the AL10 with its integrated, patent-pending “EZAL” system, A-Line Acoustics has come up with better sounding, truck-pack friendly and easier to install line arrays – saving time, space and labor. A-Line was also first to introduce hybrid-active line arrays combining powered and unpowered boxes. A-Line expanded on the concept with in-line driver column designs called EMMA making true line array performance more affordable, compact and portable. A-Line strives to engineer products to meet the needs for a variety of applications. Because of this, we source drivers from all over the world to meet demanding product specifications. A-Line is possibly the only widely marketed speaker manufacturer that employs both compression and ribbons drivers according to a product’s application and audio requirements. After exhibiting in Nashville, July 2004 at the National Association of Music Merchants Expo (NAMM), the September issue of Mix Magazine reviewed A-Line as a "Hit" of the show. Since then A-Line's technology has proven itself with glowing reports from concerts, events and installations all over the country. Today A-Line Acoustics remains committed to designing and building the best-engineered speaker products available MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE GOOD OL' U.S. of A.!!!  
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Thoughts on America:
We are proud to be an U.S.A. Made company. We have taken very large steps to insure that our products are built here and using supplies from other U.S.A. made companies. We feel by doing this, we are contributing our part to the American worker who is just trying to live out the American dream.
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