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HeartThreads Clothing
6612 Grulla St.
Carlsbad, CA 92009

Telephone: 760-715-0581

Year Started: 1990

# American Employees: 30
  As many creations have evolved, our concept was conceived from the heart. After a close friend lost their daughter, I wanted to do something to express my love and support for the family. The vision was to create a “message close to the heart”. Having a contract to print the father’s company shirts, I came up with the idea to print a portrait picture of his daughter on the inside of the shirt positioned above the heart. The thought was to keep her image close to him at all times. Seeing the joy it brought this father and his family combined with my belief that ”what’s on the inside has more meaning than what’s on the outside,” the HeartTheads™ clothing line was born. For over 20 years, I’ve been designing art on the outside of shirts for some of the industry’s top apparel brands. Now, I’m creating art from the inside-out to promote a positive mental attitude and inner peace to all that wear the shirts to remind us wherever we go that good things come from the heart. - Scott Wilson  
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Thoughts on America:
Mark I appreciate what you are doing. I’ve been a domestic clothing manufacture for 25 years. I’ve watched the apparel industry basically disappear. With that said, I still have hope. I think people are starting to reevaluate their values and are becoming more aware of the consequences of their actions. I appreciate the Diane Sawyer and the media are doing. It’s time this country wakes up.
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