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Castle Argghhh LLC
21204 Dakota Road
Easton, KS 66020

Telephone: 913-772-5241

Year Started: 2008

# American Employees: 1
  I make handspun yarns from mohair and angora from goats and bunnies that I raise. I also make yarns from alpaca and sheep raised in the USA - I buy the fleeces, process them, make yarn and sell it. I also sell eggs from my free-range chickens and home-grown vegetables at our local Farmers' Market. In addition, I make wool dryer balls to use in place of dryer sheets from sheep's wool.  
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Thoughts on America:
I am so worried about our country. The government is making it harder and harder every day for small farmers here in the flyover states. My husband is a 70% disabled retired Army Officer. He is worried about losing his job in a few months. I lost my job three years ago, and started my tiny little company. We have a grandson, 2 years old, and we want him to grow up in a free country - like we did - before the bureaucrats started regulating so many facets of our lives.
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