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Sonobond Ultrasonics
1191 McDermott Dr
West Chester, PA 19380

Telephone: 610-696-4710

Year Started: 1960

# American Employees: 11
  50 Years of Leadership Click here to read about our RingMaster™ and PlungeBonder™ Click here to read about our RingMaster™ and PlungeBonder™ View the Filter Assembly Demo Video View the Filter Assembly Demo Video Click here to view our metal welding article Click here to view our metal welding article View the Metal Welding Demo Video View the Metal Welding Demo Video Haga clic por favor aquí para Español Innovation, performance, and service make Sonobond the smart choice for ultrasonic welders. In 1960, Sonobond (then known as Aeroprojects) received the first patent for ultrasonic metal welding. Since then, the company has received more than 150 additional patents. These include not only metal welders, but custom-engineered ultrasonic bonders of all types. Today Sonobond produces equipment for: Ultrasonic Metal welding Ultrasonic Textile bonding Ultrasonic Plastic bonding Ultrasonic Nonwoven bonding Ultrasonic Filter assembly Ultrasonic Photovoltaic cell assembly Ultrasonic body armor assembly Ultrasonic Battery assembly A Wide Variety of Applications Sonobond's ultrasonic machinery is used by companies around the world. Its state-of-the-art product line includes the following: The SonoWeld® 1600 microprocessor-controlled welder for aluminum welding, welding tin-coated wires, and battery assembly. The SpliceRite™ Wire Splicer for fast, efficient wire harness assembly. The powerful WeldMaster™ for superior spot welding. SeamMaster™ High Profile, PlungeBonder™, and RingMaster™ bonders for superior filter assembly. The SeamMaster™ line for bonding synthetics and nonwovens -- a process that cuts, "sews," and seals in just one pass. The SureWeld™ line for ultrasonic plastic bonding -- including an optional microprocessor-controlled power supply that can be attached or mounted separately. The Photovoltaic (PV) Modular System for solar panel assembly. Plus a large selection of other ultrasonic bonding equipment. You can purchase, rent, or lease Sonobond ultrasonic welders and bonders as stand-alone units or as modular systems for integration into your production line or custom equipment. Sonobond ultrasonic equipment is used by leading manufacturers in the automotive, appliance, filtration, HVAC, apparel, aerospace, medical, electronic, electrical, photovoltaics, battery, and ballistic vests/body armor fields. All machinery is dependable, environmentally friendly, and easy to operate. Call 1-800-323-1269 to see if your application can be improved using Sonobond's ultrasonic bonding technology. When it comes to ultrasonics, Sonobond is the name to rely on.  
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Welding,  Q-T
Thoughts on America:
We need to start rebuiilding our manufacturing base here in the USA, We all should try to purchase USA made products when possible otherwise our standard of living will inevitably decline.
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