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2637 32nd Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55406-1641

Telephone: 612-825-1010

Year Started: 1949

# American Employees: 50
  The Minneapolis Speaker Company— MISCO—is a loudspeaker design and manufacturing company, a world leader in innovative speaker solutions. For more than 60 years, MISCO has designed and built thousands of different speakers to meet the needs of its customers in a wide variety of industries. From engineering to manufacturing, with quick development and persistent manufacturing quality checks, MISCO listens closely to its customers to provide them with the application solutions they need when they need them. Old Photo Cliff Digre and early customers at original MISCO building. MISCO has specific market applications for a wide variety of industries including commercial installations, gaming, pro/ commercial audio, medical, aerospace, transit, military, home audio & theater, car/ motorcycle audio, signal/alarm systems, musical instruments, theme park and other outdoor audio, voice communications systems. MISCO is one of the few speaker manufacturers that still builds products in the United States. Onshore production can reduce total procurement costs through smaller lot sizes, shorter lead times, lower-cost coordination, and the absence of duty costs—all accomplished through effective design and efficient production of high quality products. alt MISCO also has working partnerships with manufacturing companies around the world as a means of offering cost efficiency advantages. A large share of MISCO’s manufacturing partnerships exist in Asia, which provides high-volume, low-cost production with on-site logistics—especially for customers who manufacture their whole systems in Asia. MISCO built a new U.S. facility in 2001 with 20,000 square feet of space allowing increased quality and efficiency through lean manufacturing. The plant has a stable, ambient environment to offer the control necessary for continuous manufacturing. MISCO models its quality system on ISO9001- 2000 practices and employs a custom-configured final QC tester for statistical verification of critical metrics, such as frequency response, polarity, sensitivity, distortion, and rub/ buzz.  
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Thoughts on America:
The USA was the leading manufacturing country of loudspeakers until just a fews ago. Made in America meant rich sound quality and long lasting products. Now, only a very few number of loudspeaker manufacturers are left in the USA to carry on the legacy of the American Sound and American quality. MISCO continues to believe that America is the best place to build loudspeakers; that when the "true costs" of manufacturing loudspeakers off-shore are considered, Made in America is the best value for both manufacturers and consumers.
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