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Red Oxx
310 N. 13th St.
Billings, MT 59101

Telephone: 406-245-5847

Year Started: 1986

# American Employees: 18
  When a paratrooper jumps out of an airplane he’s putting his life into the hands that rigged his chute. There is no margin of error. Every suspension line attached to every gore, every knot… everything that makes that canopy open and stay open, must be perfect. And after a combined 15 years of military rigging experience, Red Oxx owners Jim and Perry can’t help but have the same attention to detail with everything they place a Red Oxx label on. We combine the best construction techniques technology has to offer with the keen eye and hands of a craftsman. We build every bag right here in Billings, Montana, under the strict supervision of experienced parachute riggers. Every stitch on every piece going out the door gets the same attention as those thousands of parachutes that landed our troopers gently on the ground. Since our founding, Red Oxx has worked to improve everything in our line, every year. Today our travel gear enjoys a reputation unlike any other; rugged construction, dependable design, and built to endure any amount of abuse in any location in the world. Our plan is simple. Stick to what we know, do it better than it’s ever been before, and stay true to our customers. The results have spoken for themselves, and Red Oxx has successfully developed a unique line of premium travel gear and bags that live up to their potential, one adventure at a time. Every Red Oxx product is backed by an unconditional lifetime warranty. You break it. We marvel. Then we replace it or repair it. No questions asked. The result? Red Oxx customers trust the gear with the angry Oxx on it. And as a reward they recognize us as the undisputed leader providing premium carry-on travel gear and personal items. Visit to learn more.  
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