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4061 Teri Lane
Lincoln, NE 68502

Telephone: 402-489-1885

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 4
  To us, what matters most is a healthy life well lived with those we love. Through trial and error we have discovered that what works best for us is what is most natural and basic. At Wingsets we use pharmaceutical-free pure plant oils to create our products in small, controlled batches for the sake of our well-being, and yours. The products we make are a direct result of our frustration with the years we have spent trying to overcome common skin conditions like rosacea and eczema. We have a deep personal understanding of the world of difference there is between spending your days in uncomfortable, unhealthy skin, or living your life to the fullest, wrapped in healthy, vibrant skin. The ingredients we make our products out of are the result of our desire to avoid the harmful blend of drugs and chemicals most items for skin are made from. We use naturally-derived and unaltered ingredients because they make us look and feel better, and we turned our recipes into a business because we believe they’ll do the same for you.  
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