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222 Papalaua St. #219
Lahaina, HI 96761

Telephone: 808-661-1536

Year Started: 1198

# American Employees: 4 blossomed out of my love for the Island of Maui, Hawaii. I love the Westside of Maui, from Lahaina Town to Kapalua. One might consider the beginning, or South end of the Westside, to be Front St., in the historic part of Old Lahaina Town. The business district, in Old Lahaina Town, is merely a few blocks long and wide. The Pioneer Inn is approximately in the middle of a nice walk from one end to the other. Front Street faces spectacular ocean vistas. There is an abundance of nightlife; art galleries, apparel, gift and curio, knick-knack shops galore, restaurants, taverns, saloons and dance clubs and bars. The sidewalks are narrow; some wooden. The street is crowded sun up to sunset most times of the year. If you travel north from Lahaina Town, on the only highway, to Kapalua, there are miles of three, four and five star hotels and condominiums and time-shares. There is an abundance of inviting public beaches that await you. Drive up, park by the ocean, have a picnic, toss out a fishing pole, jump in the water for a dunk, swim or snorkel, or just lay out on the sand. The water is 78 degrees, I think, all year around. I suspect there are more golf courses on the island of Maui than any other single place on the planet. If you didn't bring your gear with you, no problem, there are many places to rent everything you need for a day, week or month. There are Activity Desks and Booths everywhere. Water sports and outdoor activities of every kind await you here on Maui; wind-surfing, wind-sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, whale watching, horseback riding, bicycling, motor biking and scooters, helicopter rides, sunbathing, shopping, people watching and sightseeing to mention a few. Everything is here for a laid back, leisurely life style, no matter your age group. It can be found on Maui. It's simply the best: Maui NO KA OI. I have a little grass shack, (Condominium), in Honokowai, Kaanapali adjacent, Lahaina, Maui. I live full time on Maui. I have been escaping to Hawaii every year for over thirty years. Maui is my sanctuary and peaceful paradise. Maui is my home. All the shirts, dresses, pants and blouses offered here are made in Hawaii by brand names of over 50 years; Paradise Found and Robert J. Clancey. RJC, Kalaheo and Shannon Marie are three of their labels. The shirt buttons are fabricated from bamboo wood or coconut shell. The Men's shirt pockets blend perfectly, (engineered), on every fabric pattern. These garments are colorful hand crafted to fit comfortably. Matching outfits are fun for you and your spouse and the entire family. There are no two shirts or dresses that are perfectly identical. Each Paradise Found or R. J. Clancey shirt and dress is unique. You will always receive compliments when you wear a "Paradise Found" or a "Robert J. Clancey" brand shirt or dress.  
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