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Beagle Outdoor Wear
162 VT Route 15 East
Johnson , VT 05656

Telephone: 802-635-9200

Year Started: 1999

# American Employees: 4
  Beagle is the brainchild of outdoorsman and businessman, Stephen Jones, Sr. A lifelong Vermonter, Steve was always on the hunt for quality outerwear that suited his needs in the cold Vermont winters. Outerwear needed to be warm, yet lightweight, water repellent, yet quiet. The garments needed to be functional for a variety of activities, including hunting, ice fishing, snowshoeing, and hiking. Yet, no existing product met his satisfaction. And, thus, a product was born. In 1999, the first Beagle Outdoor Wear wool garment was created. Starting with a simple pair of wool pants that went through rigorous field tests and saw many modifications and revisions, the Beagle line has grown to be the most functional outdoor garments and accessories available on the market. Beagle Outdoor Wear is the next generation of wool. Thanks to innovative, high tech materials, Beagle Outdoor Wear manufactures quality water resistant, durable and breathable outerwear that also features the warmth and comfort of wool. Beagle's wool outwear line includes coats, jackets, pants, bib pants and various accessories. It is quality outerwear designed with the serious outdoorsman in mind. In December 2010 we purchased Beagle Outdoor Wear from founder Steven Jones. As avid hunters and outdoorsmen ourselves we have seen first hand the outstanding quality and crafstmanship which goes into every Beagle Outdoor Wear product. We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to lead the company going forward and we welcome the challenges and opportunities which are ahead of us. As we move forward we both look forward to growing and broadening the Beagle Wear brand. We want to thank Steve, and all those who have worked and continue to work so hard to make Beagle Outdoor Wear the finest wool clothing on the market today. We invite everyone to visit our retail center in Johnson Vermont and keep your eyes out for many exciting changes at Beagle Outdoor Wear in the coming year.  
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Thoughts on America:
We are without a doubt the most blessed people on earth. To live and work in the United States and to have the freedom and opportunity which comes as our birth right is unmatched in anyother country in the world. Unfortunately in todays economy, the land of opportunity is evaporating before our eyes and it is going to take all of us to turn the tide. Upon purchasing Beagle Outdoor Wear in December of 2010, we made a committment to the employees that we would maintain and grow our business in Vermont, creating jobs and building a company for the future. We are in a time where the popular business decision is to move overseas where the labor and raw materials are cheaper. However such moves do come at a cost, one much higher than dollars and cents.
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