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Gone to the Valley Enterprises
5113 Queensbury Circle
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

Telephone: 540-710-0216

Year Started: 2010

# American Employees: 3
  We are David and Karen, a family owned business. We have spent many years educating ourselves, David has a Masters in Business, Karen a PhD in Psychology, however nothing compares to the education we have obtained regarding safety in our food and hyigene products. The knowledge we possess about what is safe vs. unsafe in our environment has brought us to this new journey of forming this business. We were born and raised in the midwest on traditional values and self- sufficient ways. We love our country upbringing and strive to give those values back to our children and grandchildren. Our soap business started out after we were researching all the preservatives and toxic ingredients that were being put in our food, so we cleaned up the grocery list and then we began to see all the toxic chemicals added to our cleaning and hygiene products, which meant another mountain to conquer. In the process of this research, we started making homemade soap. The intention was to just make it for the family, however this soap is so amazing that we have been asked to share. Our family absolutely swears by this soap and says they will never go back to using store bought soap. One recipe led to another and we ended up making Alan's Catfish Bait Soap, an old family recipe. This has been used religiously by catfish fisherman for years. This led to making the unique Woodwick candles out of "recycled" containers. Each of our candles are unique in that the containers all come from what you would find in "Grandma's Garage", at least I would. We truly hope you all enjoy our discoveries. In addition, we offer a unique opportunity of renting Dave's 1931 Model A for your wedding or other special occasions. Dave's father refinished the car 20 years ago. This stunning classic would be a great memory for any bride and groom. We have tried to build our business on anticipation of our customers' needs. We want repeat customers. We buy all of our products to make our soap and candles, from other small business owners in the US. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service we possibly can.  
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I LOVE AMERICA! I love my country and find myself shocked at people that don't. I do everything I can to continue to fight to save our freedoms. We have 3 daughters in the Navy and one will go into the Navy in two years.
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