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Bestechnologies, Inc
7329 International Place
Sarasota, FL 34240

Telephone: 941-907-7788

Year Started: 1992

# American Employees: 5
  Founded in 1992, BESTechnologies, Inc. manufactures biological grease control systems for restaurants, food production facilities and municipal wastewater treatment systems worldwide. Growth has since caused us to move twice since our founding. We have occupied our current facility in Lakewood Ranch Industrial Park in Lakewood Ranch, Florida since 2003 where we have plenty of room for expansion. BESTechnologies grease remediation systems save clients money by reducing operating costs, mitigating workplace risks and supporting customer satisfaction. Fewer back-ups, odor complaints, slip-and-fall accidents and maintenance dollars. In our research and production laboratories at our corporate headquarters in Sarasota, Florida, BESTechnologies scientists produce 100% natural bacteria. BESTechnologies engineers marry the science with the most advanced delivery systems available in the world today. The bacteria – powdered and freeze-dried – is injected into grease traps and interceptors and municipal sewer and wastewater treatment systems in daily, precisely measured doses. BESTechnologies bacteria are proprietary blends of live vegetative and spore-forming bacteria. These bacteria begin to consume grease immediately upon introduction into drain lines, lift stations or other targeted areas. The spore-forming bacteria have the ability to hibernate, and thereby survive, under certain adverse conditions. Both varieties establish colonies in the targeted areas, and almost immediately begin multiplying, creating new biological "factories" to process grease throughout the entire length of a pipe, grease trap or sewer line. The bacteria are 100% natural, as are the by-products (water and carbon dioxide) of their grease remediating action.  
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