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Bella Vita Handmade Jewelry
Norman, OK N/A

Telephone: 479-200-1824

Year Started: 2008

# American Employees: 1
  It all started so simple and innocent: A young girl and a pile of wonderful beads and buttons, lovingly laid out by my doting grandmothers... I graduated from the bead pile to friendship bracelets by the time I was 12, then soon found myself drawn to the halcyon hipster enclave of Eureka Springs, where I managed to hone my skills at an upstanding beading establishment. Despite my growing obsession, I still somehow managed to graduate high school and, at the urging of my father —love ya, Pop!— I attended college. My Interior Design degree was fun and my stint in the "real world" was short-lived but opened my eyes to just how much I love to create. Now I'm back to what I was born to do, what I love to do, and what I can do: making people happy by making people jewelry. I spend a few hours a week scouting the necks and the necklaces of Little Rock society while waiting tables (reality strikes again!), sifting through the bead piles at the wonderful Argenta Bead Company, and crafting my latest and greatest creations… I’ve come a long way since friendship bracelets and hemp necklaces, but I’ve never lost the joy and wonder that comes with making a completely unique piece for a completely unique person. I use a variety of materials, including vintage brooches and crystals, natural stones, glass, bone, seeds, and wood. I’ve even started to incorporate metal into my work, and am becoming quite the metalsmith in the process! My first love was beads, though, and I’ve never lost my fascination with them. (Thanks again, Grandmas!) I strive to create, for my customers, the kind of beauty and craftswomanship that you just can’t get in a big department store. All of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, and I can also custom-build the jewelry that you have always wanted, but have never been able to find... So what are you waiting for? You deserve it!  
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