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Vermont Art Sinks LLC
9 Walden Drive - Suite I
Arden, NC 28704

Telephone: 828-684-7545

Year Started: 2004

# American Employees: 1
  Ed Racicot founded Vermont Art Sinks in the basement of an old Victorian apartment house that he owned. Since that time we have grown, moving several times. While we have kept the name Vermont Art Sinks, in the spring of 2010 we moved our whole lives (business and all) to the greater Asheville area of Western North Carolina. While it was a difficult decision to leave Vermont, the long cold winters had gotten to us and it was time to enjoy some of the better weather offered in this area (NC) of the country. So, while our name remains Vermont Art Sinks, we are now making all products in the South Western part of North Carolina.Edward Weston wrote “ I would say to any artist – don’t be repressed in your work – dare to experiment, consider any urge – if in a new direction – all the better! Our time is becoming more and more bound by logic, absolute rationalism! This is a strait jacket – it is the boredom – narrowness which rises directly from mediocre mass thinking! The great scientist dares to differ from accepted facts – let the artist do likewise.” It is from this quote that Ed Racicot draws his inspiration and formed his views on working as an artist. Daring to be different, Ed’s goal is not to make as much art as possible, but instead to create a few finely made examples of art that please him. If these pieces are appealing to you, then all the better. Graduating with Honors in Art, and winning an Art scholarship in high school, Ed graduated with his BA (Magna Cum Laude) from Johnson State College. He also holds an AS in Business Management.  
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Thoughts on America:
Live, work and Love the USA. If we all do a little to support our brothers and sisters, then we all benefit. I ALWAYS look where and item is made, since I was a child. Our quality can be second to none. This is my country - not China - I want to support my fellow countrymen. Price can not always be the deciding factor.
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