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The Port Canvas Company
39 Limerick Road
Arundel, ME 04046

Telephone: 800-333-6788

Year Started: 1968

# American Employees: 8
  The Port Canvas Company has been making soft canvas products in Kennebunkport, Maine since 1968 - forty-two years and thriving. History has clearly shown us all the stress points and allowed us to incorporate time proven defenses against premature failure. Things like double stitched seams, large double folded hems and extending the handles under the bag are just a few of the steps we take to ensure longevity. Each product is sewn start to finish by one person - assembly line techniques used by our competition cannot begin to match our commitment to quality. Our sewers provide over a hundred years of Port Canvas experience and pride which is incorporated into each design through to the finished product. You will even find their initials proudly inscribed on the backside of the label.In the early 1980’s, we moved to New England from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania primarily to be near the ocean and enjoy a slower lifestyle in which to raise our three children. We were looking for a friendly and nurturing environment steeped in historical tradition with roots to our country’s glorious past. It was a move we have never regretted! We sail during the summer, ski during the winter and enjoy nature all year round. The opportunity to be part of the “Yankee” tradition was too much to pass up and thus we bought the Port Canvas Company in 1994. When I purchased the Port Canvas Company, I became the fifth owner in its long history of serving the traveling and daily needs of a discriminating public. A lot of changes have taken place over the years with the vast majority being directed at service and quality. The first thing I did was purchase a new two head embroidery machine which would allow us to monogram finished bags. This cut the turn around time from two weeks to less than an hour in some cases. In addition, we now had total control over service and quality; we could live up to time sensitive commitments. We could also better serve the needs of our growing list of corporate clients with custom logos. Next we focused on our production capabilities by moving into a space perfectly tailored to meet our growing needs. Upgrading from a catacomb of rooms to one large central space improved communications and the flow of information while reducing the potential for errors. We take great pride in our facility and encourage you to visit our factory store. With my husband Ned, we did a thorough review of the product line. Designs were updated and many new bags were created to meet specific customer needs. It was and still is a wonderful collaborative experience between the customer, our suppliers, our production staff and sewers. Bags like the Beachcomber and Shellseeker Tote Bags, Shuttle Bag, Blair Bag, Harbor Bag and Ketch handbag have been created with input from all facets of the Port Canvas community. New designs are always on the table, lately it has been a shoulder commuter bag to easily accommodate an iPad. The Port Canvas Store in Dock Square in the heart of downtown Kennebunkport, Maine was another source of pride. Our first bag was made here and we had continuously occupied this space since until this year. Demands upon our time in the factory distanced us from you, our customer. We wanted a more direct connection to you where we can listen to your thoughts, share stories and grow. When visiting Maine, we hope you will stop by and see us at 39 Limerick Road in Arundel north of Kennebunk, just off Route One. You are currently enjoying another method of sharing the Port Canvas Company, the world-wide web. This year we have focused all our marketing efforts on revamping our website to better serve your needs and share the Maine experience. Based upon our previous website’s acceptance, this new and dramatically improved one should make your shopping experience much more enjoyable. We always welcome feedback; please do not hesitate to contact us. One of the greatest joys for me has been getting to know a wide variety of customers from all over the world. Each year we look forward to seeing the summer residents return to Kennebunkport and the surrounding area. Regular visitors are another source of interaction as they pass through going “downeast”. Please stop by and say hi, we would welcome the opportunity. I think back to Ned’s brother’s favorite saying, “ A stranger is a friend I haven’t met yet”.  
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Proud of the American work ethic which is alive and well in Maine.
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