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133 Creamery St.
Plainfield, VT 05667

Telephone: 802-454-1318

Year Started: 1991

# American Employees: 30
  After an adventure traveling around West Africa, Andrea Miksic and her partner Peter Burns started designing clothing for dancers. They called their line Salaam. Since 1990, located in the old creamery (circa 1900) in the village of Plainfield, the Salaam line has evolved into a versatile, reliable brand with widespread national popularity. We are having a fantastic year! We sell only to boutiques and enjoy being a small business that offers personalized service to our accounts. Our goal is to provide the best possible product using the finest fabrics available from the US, France, Italy, and Germany. These fabric mills have been producing textiles for over 300 years and really know what they are doing. We have the lowest possible markup so our retail customers can have fashion at an affordable price. Our prices really do not have any room for discounts. We manufacture in the USA. We design and cut in Vermont and sew in New York and Vermont. Our employees earn a livable wage and enjoy making your clothing. We are constantly trying to improve our designs and fit and welcome feedback from our customers. We ship out of our Vermont headquarters in Andrea's backyard. In 2003, we opened our own boutique. Salaam the Boutique is located at 40 State St. in Montpelier and we understand what it takes to run a retail business. In these days of processed everything, it is refreshing to deal with real people who can understand your business. People ask us who our customer is and really she is everyone! From my 17 year old fashion diva step daughter to my 70 year old mother-in-law, Salaam is for everyone with an eye for fashion and comfort. Our designs are for people who want to appreciate their bodies. We have flattering styles that show off your figure instead of hiding it!  
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We would like to see more companies manufacturing in the USA. It's important for our workers and for our economy.
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