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Talicor, Inc.
901 Lincoln Parkway
Plainwell, MI 49080

Telephone: 269-685-2345

Year Started: 1971

# American Employees: 13
  For over two decades, two small companies have been independently making and selling high quality board games, card games and puzzles that families will treasure for years. While developing on their own, Talicor and Aristoplay have both come to share the philosophy that games should provide rich experiences beyond the first play. Now these two like-minded companies have merged to become not only bigger but better as well! What does this mean for you? First, with just one website, or one call to (800) 433-GAME, you can order from the complete line of both companies. All of the same great products will be available to you, plus we are always introducing new ones. We think that’s a good change. What wont change, however, is the essence of both lines of products. For 25 years Aristoplay has developed games that teach you something while you have fun at the same time. For example, the Buzz Off game for pre-schools presents color-matching with a twist. Monkey in the Middle provides some monkey mayhem while encouraging little ones to practice counting. And the brand new MathAnimals game couples cute animal shaped numbers with addition, subtraction and multiplication problems. Another trademark of most Aristoplay games is that they are rich in content and have multiple levels that allow all members of a family to enjoy playing the games together at levels suitable for them. This thoughtful approach is why Aristoplay games are continually invited into the classroom and the home. Learning through play doesn’t have to be just for kids. For over 30 years, Talicor has offered a wide variety of board and card games designed to promote wonderful family and get-together time. The Ungame encourages sharing and understanding, self-discovery, listening skills and more – all in one fun game! SnapShots Across America is the ultimate vacation fantasy game which brings everyone in the family together to learn about US geography and top tourist attractions in a fun yet educational way. And there is FraperDeck, a unique card game that is designed to encourage children to learn either multiplication skills or the relationship between fractions, decimals and percents by incorporating familiar card games such as war or crazy eights. So we invite you to look though this bigger than ever selection of great board games, card games and puzzles. Play games, have fun, learn things!  
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From a personal opinion, (no reflection on the company I work for), I am concerned about what imported products have on the middle class, (which I am part of). I have seen too many friends and family lose their jobs to overseas business, and it saddens me. I would like to see this turn around.
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