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Overall Baby
63 Flushing Avenue, Bldg #3, Ste #402
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Telephone: 646-331-1303

Year Started: 2006

# American Employees: 1
  Jenny Kim’s fascination with overalls began in College, when she worked for Smith's, a clothing line featuring workwear items such as overalls and carpenter pants for children. There she learned the in’s and out’s of running a fashion line which included designing products, selling and marketing to retailers, and finally production. She eventually left the company to pursue other interests but her love of the fashion industry, and overalls, always lingered. In 2006, she decided it was time to explore her fascination with overalls once again. Although the economy was not doing well, she felt it was a good time to reintroduce the overall to the market since overalls are a very practical purchase for parents. The adjustable straps make it easy for children to grow into and can extend the life of its wear. She loved the look and feel of overalls but was bored by the look of traditional denim overalls. She wanted to reinvent the look of overalls and show parents that overalls could be both practical and fashionable. Overall Baby ® is a proud member of The NewNew, an eclectic group of independent handmade Etsy artists, designers, makers and crafters in the Metro New York area who are devoted to fostering a creative and supportive environment among its members. Overall Baby is also a member of EtsyKids, a diverse group of talented and dedicated Etsy shop owners specializing in items for babies, toddlers, and children.  
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