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Wooden Concepts
3219 Private Road 1370
Centerville, TX 75833

Telephone: 903-536-1311

Year Started: 2002

# American Employees: 2
  Wooden Concepts is a family owned and operated custom cabinet manufacturer that builds high end cabinetry and furniture. We design, build, deliver and install your project anywhere in the continental United States using the same group of professionals from start to finish to ensure your project is built exactly the way you envision it. Our level of dedication is unsurpassed in our industry and our attention to detail is second to none. We only work on one kitchen at a time and have refused to expand our cabinet shop because, regardless of good intentions, the integrity of the cabinetry produced in a larger shop is inevitably compromised. After years of using an array of products in particular applications, we have learned which products we could trust and which not to use again. Due to time limitations, we realize that we cannot keep our small, core group of dedicated people and be able to build our cabinetry for everyone who wants us to build for them. Instead we can offer those who may have time constraints that at times we cannot meet, the same products that we ourselves have come to trust over the years. The addition of the architectural millworks offered on our website has been great for our cabinetry clientele as well. We are able to offer a visual of the variety of accent pieces that we can use to add detail to their projects. We encourage you to feel free to call or e-mail us anytime. Or, if you prefer, e-mail us your phone number and let us know the best time to contact you and we would be happy to go over any questions you may have. We don't have set business hours. Many of our clients are professionals from different time zones, requiring our hours and work days to be very flexible. You are welcome to call us anytime, even if it's just to ask a question. Over the past 20 years we have gained extensive knowledge of the building industry and may be able to help with you with a wide variety of questions you may have. We have been blessed to work in a niche industry and by remaining a small company we have more time to help people get questions answered, a luxury which most larger companies don't have. All of our products are 100% Made in America. Additionally, all of our cabinetry components (drawer glides, door hinges, shelf clips, etc.) and finishing products are purchased from U.S. companies. We take great care to obtain wood products that have been grown and milled in the U.S. The only exception to this is when our clients select a wood species that is not indigenous to the U.S., such as African Mahogany, Purple Heart, Bubinga, etc. Our bamboo is also imported. While bamboo is grown in the U.S., the wood strength of domestically grown bamboo is not sufficient for use in cabinetry applications. However, we ensure that our bamboo comes from a source that is commited to sustainability and environmental responsibility and has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. All products are performance and emissions tested by independent, third party labs located in the United States.  
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We believe that America is the greatest country in the world thanks to the hard work and values of our core citizenry. Only by returning manufacturing to the U.S. will we ever be able to sustain and recover the level of world competitiveness that we once so enjoyed. God Bless America.
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