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Deva Lifewear
110 1st Avenue West P.O. Box 5511
Westhope, ND 58793

Telephone: 1-800-222-8024

Year Started: 1978

# American Employees: 50
  Deva was begun in 1978 by 3 friends in Southern California. Their vision was to somehow integrate a successful business with a successful family and home life. They soon decided to produce and sell comfortable and functional clothing for women and men, primarily used for practicing yoga and meditation, that they could sew and sell right from home. Immediately they discovered, much to their surprise, demand for their Deva Pants and Shorts was much greater than they could produce out of their tiny garage. About the same time, a family crisis in the Catoctin Mountains area of Maryland brought them and their growing business East. Once settled into the tiny town of Burkittsville, Maryland a very beneficial natural resource was soon discovered. They found scores of women and men that had incredible sewing skills! Using the tried and true Cottage Industry model, Deva Lifewear soon was being sewn in living rooms, spare bedrooms, basements and garages all over the rural areas of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The integration of family and making a living wage was proving very successful! Deva soon was employing over a dozen friends and family to spread and cut the fabric, inspect each sewn piece brought back by the men & women sewing them, take your mail and phone orders, and ship Lifewear all over the country, all from the comfort of that home in Burkittsville. In the 30 years since Deva was born, we have moved into the Northern Great Plains of Westhope, North Dakota. We still operate using the same philosophy and practices proven so successful. Folks have come and gone, many have stayed. Our kids, and now grandkids, still run through our “warehouse”, work during summer vacations, and we still consider ourselves one very large family!  
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Introduced as a socially conscious way to earn a living wage while raising our growing families, Deva is proud to have never lost sight of the integrity and respect that founded this business. Welcome to Deva, a Cottage Industry nestled in the Heartland of America!
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