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Olympia Wood Flooring Supply
2442 Mottman Rd SW
Olympia , WA 98512

Telephone: 360-704-4444

Year Started: 2004

# American Employees: 5
  No wood from China * Years of experience * Heated Warehouse *Low VOC finish, adhesive and cleaner options When you're investing in a wood floor you need to be assured the materials you're using will be of the best quality; no bowed or mis-milled flooring or finish that wears off after 2 years...and if you're not installing yourself, you're looking for installers with references and years of experience. We have three generations of experience in the hardwood flooring business, and with family in Alaska and Washington, we can help you with all of your installation and finishing questions OR recommend an installer to do it for you. Don't waste time and money.  
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